Capital flows freely, human beings are contained and corralled.


The people of the world should be free to seek a better life.

As the effects of climate change and late stage capitalism continue to converge, we believe the types of mass migrations we have seen from places like Syria and Venezuela will only become more common. Projects in this space seek to ease our transition back to a world where freedom of movement is the norm.

Change Labs project(s)

Coming soon
Conceptual phase
We'll be releasing more details in the coming months, for now our project in this space is in the early conceptual phase.

Other projects of interest

  • Disaster Radio
    POC exists, DIY open source hardware & software
    Disaster Radio is a disaster-resilient communications network powered by the sun.
  • Manyverse / Secure Scuttlebutt
    Usable today, under active development
    Manyverse is a social network off the grid, that works offline, and shares data via wifi networks or bluetooth even when there is no Internet around. It is built on top of the Secure Scuttlebutt protocol.