Is there a way for us to live and thrive without selling most of our lives to employers?


Exploring new models for funding our passion work is key to opening our potential to live the lives we are meant to live.

Change Labs project(s)

Coming soon
Conceptual phase
We'll be releasing more details in the coming months, for now our project in this space is in the early conceptual phase.

Other projects of interest

  • Open Collective
    In production
    Open Collective is a transparency-first funding service where organizations or communities can collect and distribute funds even as leadership roles evolve over time. They are also working on an ethical advertising solution.
  • Source Cred
    In development
    Source Cred is a reputation protocol for open collaboration. It allows for a configurable algorithm to be applies to open source projects that generates reported scores for each contribution to the project, with the goal of highlighting the value not just of writing code but also reviews, documentation, and even organizing meetups and facilitating difficult conversations.
  • npx thanks
    In development
    Thanks is an npm library that allows you to see which of your projects' dependencies are seeking donations, and contribute back to them as you see fit.
  • Gitcoin
    In production
    Gitcoin is a set of tools coming out of the Ethereum community for funding open source work.
  • Github sponsors
    In private beta
    Github sponsors is a new in-platform Patreon style recurring funding tool for Github.